Easter Rally 2018
50 spaces left
Mesnali, Lillehammer (Norway)
Booking ends Mar. 15
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As can be expected, cross country skiing will be the main activity of the event. It is also possible to go snow-shoe hiking, and horse riding (for an additional cost). If you are interested in participating in such activities, please tick the relevant box. (Downhill skiing will be on an individual/group basis. There are great ski resorts closeby (Hafjell, ...). You will rent your skis directly at the rental center of the resort.)
Ski hire
You may hire cross-country skis from Sport1 Sjusjøen. Please find an overview about prices and a form to order ski rental here: Sport1 Sjusjøen.
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If you register with a foreign (non-Norwegian) address, but have a Norwegian bank account, please let us know. We will send you the bank details. You can nevertheless choose to pay by card.
If you don't have a Norwegian bank account you have to pay by card.
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