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Impact Lillehammer
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Booking ends Jun. 20
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SABU = The youth department of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It does not cost anything and IMPACT Norway and SABU receives more financial support the more members we have.
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I hereby accept that IMPACT and its photographers may take photographs and videos of me during this event, and give them permission to use it on the website, in advertisement, or for any other purpose. All rights belong to IMPACT, the photographers and cooperating organizations. If you do not want to appear on photographs or video, leave the checkbox unchecked
Special needs (food allergies, sleeping needs etc)? The food well be vegetarian, and sleeping accommodation will be classrooms. If you need a separate bedroom, please let us know.
The cost of 1500 nok does only covers the event, and does not include transportation tickets. Meals and accommodation are included
Transportation *
If provided, would you like to take part of the arranged transportation on any of the following stages: Oslo-Lillehammer, Lillehammer-Oslo and/or Lillehammer-Levende Vann? Please specify you needs. The cost will be 200 NOK per stage.
Are you interested in buying a Impact-hoodie at the cost of 200 NOK?
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