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CARE Leadership Weekend 2019
Philippsburg, Germany
Booking ends May. 22
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General Information
This event begins on Wednesday night at 6PM with a small meal and ends on Sunday morning at around 11AM. Registration for Sabbath only is free. We encourage all participants on Sabbath to donate a small amount of 15.00 EUR to support CNM and cover essential costs. For general inquiries, please contact us by email: .

LODGING: You can choose between the following options for this event:

1) External Lodging: You only buy the ticket for this event. We will NOT provide any food or housing for you.

2) Church Lodging: You have full admission to the entire event and receive 3 plant-based meals per day. You will stay in one of the rooms in the church building.

3) Hotel Lodging: You have full admission to the entire event and receive 3 plant-based meals per day. You will share the hotel room with one or two other people.

4) - 5) Weekend Pass: Hotel and external lodging options are also available for the weekend only. Your first meal will be Friday (dinner), your last one Sunday (breakfast).

Registration *
Please select your ticket option for the 2019 CARE Leadership Weekend below.
The CARE Network Ministry is a supported ministry of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. We receive limited financial support from our conference, ASI and some individual donors. One ticket for our Leadership Weekend costs about 200.00 EUR, an amount that many people would be unwilling to pay. Therefore we are depended upon generous donors like you. If you feel the call to support this cause and bring the CARE movement forward, please consider donating a small amount of money to our ministry. Our team consists of volunteers only, we do not pay ourselves but rather make sure that every penny invested is used for God's glory. Thank you so much for your donation!
Lodging Terms for Staying at the Church
I understand that by clicking "CHURCH LODGING" and checking the box below that I have to bring my own sleeping bag / mattress, as well as bedding sheets and towels. I also agree on using external showers which will be available at the church.
English Translation *
Some workshops and/or sermons may be in German. Do you understand German or would you prefer English translation?
Event Policy / Terms & Conditions
By continuing, I agree that I won't get reimbursed when canceling the registration after my payment was successfully processed. I furthermore am aware that my registration only becomes valid if I pay within 14 days after completing this booking. Videos and/or photos may be taken during the event and published on the internet and/or printed media without further notice.
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