ASI Convention 2018
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Please contact us if you have any questions:
ASI Registration Team: +46737632837
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Children up to 12 years are welcome for free. Children at age 13 and older pay full price and need to be registered as another person.
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A convention always needs many helping hands. Please have a look at the list below and choose the areas that you have a preference to help in (although we cannot promise that everyone can help in their preferred area).
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ASI membership
The vision of ASI Scandinavia is to see a thriving network of lay-ministries and businesses in Scandinavia that share Christ in the marketplace. Become an ASI member and support the implementation of the vision! Read more about membership here.
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As a student you can receive a discount of 500 SEK for this convention. The discount has limited availability, and it works as a refund, which means that you pay full price now, but can get it refunded. In order to receive the refund, send a picture of a valid student ID or information about where you study to
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As a student member, I am interested in participating in a special mentorship lunch during the convention.
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As an associate member, I am interested in participating in a special mentorship lunch during the convention.
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I want to have an exhibit space (booth) and/or an A5 ad spot at ASI
If yes, you can register and pay for your ministry/business separately. You will find a new form by clicking here.
Photography consent *
As the ASI Scandinavia convention is a unique event, it can be expected that many people, (including ASI volunteers) will seek to capture the moment through pictures and videos. Due to a high volume of people, we cannot offer to participants the guarantee of being exempt from the pictures/videos taken at any time during the conference. Pictures/videos taken by ASI Scandinavia, or other attendees, belong to those who took them, and can be used in the future for other purposes (e.g. ASI website). We will endeavor to use pictures responsibly, and seek to ensure that the picture represents the reality of what happened.
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Special needs? (Food allergies, sleeping needs, etc.)
Additional information: During the convention it will be served vegan food.
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