IMPACT Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland
Booking ends May. 31
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Do you have an health-related education which might come handy during HealthExpo?
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Are you interested in contributing with singing? How? *
Describe some of the talents that you have that could be useful at IMPACT Iceland (including things like photography, technical things, singing, playing instruments etc.)
Are you interested in helping with evangelism for children? Do you have experience with children ministry? *
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Are you interested in doing colportage during Impact Iceland?
Do you have a car that could be used in connection with the IMPACT trip? How many seats? *
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Photography consent
I hereby accept that IMPACT and its photographers may take photographs and videos of me during this event, and give them permission to use it on the website, in advertisement, or for any other purpose. All rights belong to IMPACT, the photographers and cooperating organizations.
Special needs (food allergies, sleeping needs etc)?
Are you interested in buying a Impact-hoodie at the cost of 200 NOK?
Participant contribution
We would like everybody who’s interested to be able to join the mission trip, no matter their current financial situation, and will therefore ask each one to contribute according to their capacity (Acts 11:29). We believe that by working with a shared purpose of “Inspiring Members to Proclaim the Advent of Christ Together, “ If you for some reason have difficulty with paying the event-fee, please contact us at info@impactnorge.no
I am willing to contribute with 300 NOK to make this experience possible for more people *
The cost of 1500 NOK does only cover the event, and does not include flight tickets. However discounted flight-tickets will bre provided for those traveling with our group.
Completion of registration *
I understand that my registration is not complete before I have paid, which must happen immediately at the end of registration.
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