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ENAD Conference 2019
322 spaces left
Michelsberg, Germany
Booking ends Nov. 3
Please contact us if you have any questions:
ENAD team: 0049 163 872 18 95
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One camping or tent slot is 10 € per day. When booking a full meal plan there is an additional price of 25 € per person and day. When not booking a full meal plan a sanitary price of 12 € per person and day is charged in addition to the charge for the camping or tent slot of 10 € per day.
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Room Sharing
If you are a couple or family or friends and would like to be lodged together, please write down their names here (Despite this option do not forget that every single person has to register separately in our system).
Food Allergies
The meals served during the congress will be vegan. Do you have any food allergies? If so, please name them.
Do you need to be picked up at the train station “Bahnhof Geislingen”? (charge of 5€ per person in shared transportation).
Approximate time of arrival
Please write down your approximate time of arrival, so we can plan your transportation from "Bahnhof Geislingen".
The meeting will be held in English. Do you need translation into German or any other language? (A German translation will be definitely offered, a translation in any other language can not be definitely guaranteed).
Would you like to help out during the congress?
The ENAD Network Ministry is a self-supported ministry for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Therefore we are dependent upon generous donors like you. If you feel the call to support us and to further the ENAD movement, please consider donating a small amount of money to our ministry. Our team consists of volunteers only, we do not pay ourselves but rather make sure that every penny invested is used for God's glory. Thank you so much for your donation!
ENAD is not so much an organization, but a movement comprised of its members. As a member you will be part of the largest European network of medical missionaries, regularly receive our newsletters and stay informed about medical missionary opportunities worldwide as well as meetings as the ENAD congress. What about you?
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I agree that my booking only becomes complete after payment within 14 days – otherwise it will be automatically canceled. Moreover, I agree that my completed booking can only be canceled with complete reimbursement in case of exceptional reasons and latest 14 days before the meeting. ENAD reserves its right to decide whether a reimbursement will be granted or not. I understand that images and videos of me might be taken during the meeting and will be used in ENAD advertisements or publications. Moreover, I allow ENAD to save my contact information and include it into their database. On personal request my contact information can be deleted at any time.
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