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ASI Convention 2019
Vejlefjordskolen, Denmark
Please contact us if you have any questions:
ASI Registration Team: +4561703461
Name & Address
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Convention Access *
Includes daily meals, workshops, business & ministry exhibition, plenary meetings, opportunities for fellowship, networking and outreach, surrounded by a scenic environment.
Accommodation options (price per person) *
Rooms have beds with a mattress, bedding is not provided (sheets, duvet, pillow).
If you sleep in a classroom you need to bring a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow.
Each lodging price consists of 300 DKK for staying at Vejlefjordskolen. When booking a room the price is greater than this to help cover other convention expenses e.g. travel of main speakers. The reasoning behind this is to keep the convention pass price lower for the sake of the ones with less financial resources.
Note for families: Family rooms are reserved for families. Each member born before 2006 (2005 or earlier), must be registered separately and book a family room. Please let one of you write the names of all the family members which should stay in the same room, in the comment section at the bottom of the page (including children born in 2006 or later).
Transportation *
If available, would you like transportation:
We will contact you later on, in due time, to confirm or refute transportation availability, and get necessary details of requested arrival and departure times.
Long-distance transport
Please indicate the location from where you anticipate a need for pickup, and an approximate driving distance to the convention.
Convention help *
The convention works because of many helping hands. Please select preferred areas to help in (although we cannot guarantee everyone can help in their preferred area).
Outreach *
Which outreach activities would you like to participate in?
Are you a health professional?
What is your health related profession?
Personal Car - Availability
Can you drive people with your personal car during outreach? (if you would travel to the convention by car)
Personal Car - Seats
How many seats are available in the car?
Including driver's seat.
Music Contribution
If applicable - please specify how you would like to contribute with music during the program.
Do you play any instruments? which could you bring? Do you sing, conduct, compose? which voice? etc.
Status *
What is your current status?
Specify role or occupation that best fits your current situation (whether full-time or part-time).
Choose business if you're a business-owner, heading a ministry, or working self-employed.
Are you attending with children? Please write their names and age below.
Children born in 2006 or later are welcome for free, and does not need to be registered separately.
Youth born in 2005 or earlier, are counted as regular attendees, pay full price, and need to be registered as another person.
Student Confirmation
Please confirm that you are currently enrolled in a school, or have recently been a student, or have admission to upcoming studies.
What are you studying?
ASI Student Membership
Membership costs 200 kr, signing up now makes you eligible for a 500 DKK rebate, resulting in a 300 DKK discount for this convention.

Do you wish to register as an ASI Student Member?

Please follow the link above to read more about student membership
When becoming a Student Member you can receive a discount for this convention.
Note that this only applies for those qualified to become ASI Student Members who actually joins.
What is your profession or occupation?
ASI Associate Membership
I like ASI's vision and want to become part of this thriving network by becoming an ASI Associate Member.
If yes, please follow the link above to read more about it, and complete the sign-up process for that there.
ASI Ordinary Membership
Do you, as the head of a ministry, business, organization or other company, want to support ASI and apply for ASI Ordinary Membership?
If yes, please follow the link above to read more about it, and complete the sign-up process for that there.
Expo (Booth and Ad spot)
Are you a business owner, self employed or head of a ministry? Just started something or thinking about a project?
Then you can register to have an exhibit space (booth) and an A5 ad spot (in the booklet) at the convention.
You can register and pay for your business / ministry separately. Please find a new and short registration form for that by clicking here.
Photography consent *
Due to a high volume of people and participants seeking to capture moments during the convention, we cannot offer any guarantee of being exempt from photography, where photos and videos may also be used for other purposes, such as the ASI Scandinavia website. If you have any special needs or reasons to be exempt from this, please specify in the comments section, so we can contact you about it.
Registration and Payment *
Please pay immediately upon completing registration.
If payment is not received within two weeks, a late payment fee of 200 DKK will incur.
Payment information will automatically be sent through email once the registration is complete, but is also available on the next page after clicking 'Pay now'.

Use the discount code RESERVATION if you like to have flexible payment terms, and pay for the booking itself later.

This adds 200 DKK to the total cost, but lets you pay only 200 DKK upon completing registration.

Please communicate further requests in the field for special needs, or by contacting us afterwards, if you are unable to meet any of the above options.

Once reservation payment is processed, it's possible to use the link in the original email to pay the full amount, at any convenient time. Nearing the extended deadline, which is two weeks before the event, unpaid bookings will receive a new email with the same payment link.
Special needs
Food allergies, accommodation needs, financial support and payment options, photography consent etc.
Note: The food served at the convention will be plant-based.
Discount code
Amount to pay